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SharePoint 2010: User Not Found error

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Accessing SharePoint workflows or creating new ones gives an error “User Cannot be found” , This can happen when the user account is no longer in Active Directory.

The workaround for this to to republish the workflow through SharePoint Designer 2010

  • Open site in SharePoint Designer 2010.
  • Click on the Workflows from the Site Objects menu.
  • Select the workflow and Publish
  • Repeat this for all the workflows.


Sometimes opening the workflows and republishing them doesn’t work, these workflows might stuck with old user and republishing them don’t work.


  • Deactivated workflow features at the site collection level
  • Open the site within SharePoint Designer
  • All files > _catalog > wfpub >
  • Deleted all the existing workflows
  • Reactivated Workflow features at the site collection level which will recreate the OOB workflows
  • All users are now able to access workflow settings and publish a workflow without any issues



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I’m working on implementing Remote Blob storage for one of our clients and the below is an ROI estimate for 12TB of content in a SharePoint environment. RBS reduces accumulating storage costs and optimizes platform performance for Microsoft SharePoint.

Remote BLOB shatters the 2 GB limit. If you have large CAD files, videos or project files that you want to store in SharePoint remote BLOB can be used to upload and manage these files.


Remote BLOB storage estimation

Remote BLOB storage estimation

SharePoint 2010: How to Increase the file size of Attachment in Infopath forms

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  • Go to Central Administration
  • Select the Web Application then open Web Application general settings
  • Set Maximum Upload Size, if necessary
  • Go back to Central Admin & open configure info-path form services under info-path form services
  • Set Form Session State –> Maximum size of form session state value to required (ex: 51200KB – the default is 4096KB).


SharePoint / IIS 7.5 Prompts for login credentials (Visual Fusion)

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Every new request to NTLM based IIS web application is composed with 3 different requests While the first 2 is 401 responses. IIS7 has an attribute called AuthPersistSingleRequest in applicationhost.config and if set to TRUE then each request will have to be authenticated irrespective of the previous request on the same connection. Consequently requests will require authorization headers to be sent.

<windowsAuthentication enabled=”True|False” authPersistSingleRequest=”True|False” UseKernelMode>

  • Open command prompt
  • Run the command “cscript.exe adsutil.vbs set w3svc//AuthPersistSingleRequest TRUE”

By making this change prompt issues have been resolved have been resolved with IDV dashboards.