How to recover BCH sent to BTC address?

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash use the same address format, Legacy address starts with “1..” and Segwit address starts with “3..”. If you have sent BCC/BCH to Legacy address (1) it is easy to recover.

  • On Ledger – You will find coins in BCH main account 
  • on Trezor – Go to to recover BCH coins 
  • On Exchange – Contact Exchange support

If you have sent Bitcoin Cash to Segwit (3) address, you BCH are struck and it is not easy to recover. BCH is a fork of BitCoin network and SegWit is not activated on Bitcoin cash network. You can ask a single miner to run a non-standard transaction and hope miner doesn’t take all the coins, Miner might ask for your public key, transaction Id, and destination address.

Recently launched a tool for this purpose and they charge 10% as recovery fee. I’ve used that service once and got back 90% of BCH in under 12 hours – Use it at your own discretion.

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