Office 365: Information Rights Management (IRM)

IRM protects sensitive information from unauthorized access. IRM offers the possibility to set policy on documents, Emails messages to specify user rights. These IRM settings apply to the documents even after the document leaves the controlled environment.

Activate Azure RMS in the Office 365 

  1. Log on to your Office 365 tenant as a admin
  2. Go to Office 365 admin center
  3. Select on Service Settings from the left menu, Select Other Settings
  4. Click Manage under Rights Management
  5. Click on Activate



These steps make RMS available across office 365 applications like Exchange, SharePoint, Lync


Activate RMS in SharePoint online 

  1. Go to the SharePoint administration portal. Find the shortcut in the Admin dropdown.
  2. Go to Settings
  3. select “Use the IRM service specified in your configuration” under Information Rights Management (IRM).
  4. Click on the “Refresh IRM Settings” button.


 Create and set a IRM policy in a document library 

  1. Go to document library settings
  2. Click on “Information Rights Management” under General Settings
  3. Check “Restrict Permissions on this Library on download”
  4. Click on “Show Options” and select the required.









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