SharePoint 2010: User Not Found error

Accessing SharePoint workflows or creating new ones gives an error “User Cannot be found” , This can happen when the user account is no longer in Active Directory.

The workaround for this to to republish the workflow through SharePoint Designer 2010

  • Open site in SharePoint Designer 2010.
  • Click on the Workflows from the Site Objects menu.
  • Select the workflow and Publish
  • Repeat this for all the workflows.


Sometimes opening the workflows and republishing them doesn’t work, these workflows might stuck with old user and republishing them don’t work.


  • Deactivated workflow features at the site collection level
  • Open the site within SharePoint Designer
  • All files > _catalog > wfpub >
  • Deleted all the existing workflows
  • Reactivated Workflow features at the site collection level which will recreate the OOB workflows
  • All users are now able to access workflow settings and publish a workflow without any issues


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