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How to recover BCH sent to BTC address?

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Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash use the same address format, Legacy address starts with “1..” and Segwit address starts with “3..”. If you have sent BCC/BCH to Legacy address (1) it is easy to recover.

  • On Ledger – You will find coins in BCH main account 
  • on Trezor – Go to https://trezor.io/recover-coins/ to recover BCH coins 
  • On Exchange – Contact Exchange support

If you have sent Bitcoin Cash to Segwit (3) address, you BCH are struck and it is not easy to recover. BCH is a fork of BitCoin network and SegWit is not activated on Bitcoin cash network. You can ask a single miner to run a non-standard transaction and hope miner doesn’t take all the coins, Miner might ask for your public key, transaction Id, and destination address.

Recently bch.btc.com launched a tool for this purpose and they charge 10% as recovery fee. I’ve used that service once and got back 90% of BCH in under 12 hours – Use it at your own discretion.